Tips For Disposing My Babiie Prams

Most parents eventually end up with a baby pram they no longer need. Some have more than one in storage. Some of these are in serviceable condition, while others are broken. However, most parents do not know what do with them. Ask any parent in your neighborhood with an old baby pram, and the common response is: ‘I don’t know where to take my babiie prams’.

Thus, this article gives you tips you can use to dispose your baby pram clutter from your garage.

Give It Away

There is always a needy person in any neighborhood. Offering an unwanted but serviceable baby pram to family or friends is a good way to clear clutter. Besides, everyone feels good when they are helpful to others. These people are likely to appreciate your generosity.

Donate It

If the baby pram is serviceable, you can donate it to a community base organization. These groups can then identify needy cases to which they can donate them.

Sell It Online

Online market is thriving all over. Baby prams from popular brands can fetch a good amount if they are still in good or nearly new condition. Therefore you can clean it up nicely, take photos and list it on such online sites for send hand goods.

Use It as Storage

The baby pram can be modified slightly to be used as storage. You can then place it somewhere, say in the garage or living room. It can hold your latest magazine, or books you are currently reading.

Guidelines for Disposal

Many local authorities give guidelines for disposal of various categories of items. At times, one may need to break it apart to separate and sort components for disposal differently.

Yet still, if I were not able to dispose of my babiie prams, I would consider contacting the manufacturer if they could take them for recycling.